August 2015

Witnessing History

August 15, 1945, is known to the world as V-J Day or Victory over Japan. But September 2, 1945, which is regarded as the “other V-J Day,” is the date ...Read More

A Place to Get “Lost”

What do you do with a nondescript backyard? A bamboo plant was the inspiration for Eric and Ann Tapman’s laid-back, outdoor-living area. Twenty years ago the Tapmans returned to the area ...Read More

The Susquehanna’s Mysterious Petroglyphs

Travel through the Southwest and petroglyphs are readily on view in national parks such as Canyonlands, Arches and Dinosaur, all of which are located in Utah. But, you don’t have ...Read More

Easy Does It!

Nobody wants to spend all day in the kitchen when it’s sunny and beautiful outside or, for that matter, when temperatures and humidity are sky high. This month’s dishes take ...Read More

Discover the Independent Retailers of Lancaster City

The vibrant variety of independent retail in Lancaster City will take center stage during Lancaster City Indie Retail Week from

August Angst

Sadly, summer is winding down and soon it will be back to the same old routine. Don’t despair; there are

Haint Blue

No, it’s not a Dutchy way of describing a shade of blue … wait a minute, turns out there might

Glass in the Garden

Dale Chihuly is once again putting the focus on glass as an artistic addition to gardens through the exhibit that

Lose Yourself Along Route 23

I know what you’re thinking … how could you possibly lose yourself  along busy Route 23 in Eastern Lancaster County?

Route 23 Corridor: A Variety of Dining Experiences

The Route 23 corridor from Leola to New Holland and beyond offers diverse and fun dining experiences. Choosing from the

The Golden Guernsey

In the shadow of the Welsh Mountains, a small herd of Guernsey cows grazes the rolling pasture. Operated by Dina

Recess! In the Courtyard

Recess! For a kid, that word ranks up there with “Christmas” and “snow day.” For the parents of Sacred Heart