December 2016

Coffee, Casual Fare & More

Offering a unique blend of craft coffee and artisan food, the Speckled Hen, which opened in July 2015, has become the go-to place in Strasburg for breakfast, lunch, dinner and ...Read More

The Choo Choo Barn

While The Choo Choo Barn in Strasburg officially opened in 1961, its story begins in 1945, when George Groff, freshly home from World War II, bought his oldest son, Gary, ...Read More

Gifts for the Gardener

It’s that time of the year when we can take a break from our gardening chores. However, if you subscribe to the notion that a gardener’s work is never done, ...Read More

Reinventing Christmas Traditions

The holidays are filled with traditions. Sometimes traditions need to change. As families grow and shrink, regular customs can be lost, forgotten or just unnecessary. I thought about starting some ...Read More

And a Hip New Year

The ‘60s were a time of dramatic change. A young, dynamic president took office. The racial divide took center stage. A man landed on the moon. War was being waged ...Read More

Merry Christmas …

Many of today’s holiday traditions are rooted in the Victorian era. Greeting cards, handmade ornaments, feather trees and more can trace their beginnings to the 19th century. Jeanne Fisher never does ...Read More

Foodie Flashback

We’re going back in time to December 2006, when Chef Bill Scepansky provided advice and recipes for hosting a holiday party. Ten years later, shooters, grilled cheese, martinis and mojitos ...Read More

June is Busting Out All Over!

Summer arrives June 20! It’s the perfect time to get outdoors and celebrate the season. Music! The arrival of summer means concerts

Three Trends to Try in Your Garden

It’s that time of the year! Garden season! Will you be hauling out the same garden art this year? Buying

Takeaways From the 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show That You

The Philadelphia Flower Show, which serves as harbinger of spring, runs deeper than displays of pretty flowers. More importantly, it

The Green Room

Appropriately enough, the creator of this space, David Gelatt, is not only an avid gardener but has long been a


Serendipity is defined as making “unexpected and fortunate discoveries.” Such is the professional and personal relationship that exists between Dwight

Say Olá to Thomas Augusto dos Santos Claro

Meet a stranger from another part of the world (and even from another generation) and the saying that we have

A Night in Morocco

Driving down a bamboo-lined drive on a humid summer night, a farmhouse appears at the bottom of the hill. Overlooking

Rafe Hottenstein’s Passion for Cooking Shines at Josephine’s

Growing up in the restaurant industry sparked Rafe Hottenstein’s passion for cooking – a passion he’s now sharing as executive