October 2016

THE CITY: Spring House 

I like to describe Matt Keasey as the mad scientist brewer of Lancaster. If he thinks it can go into a beer, he is going to try it. Take the ...Read More

The State of Brewing in Lancaster County

The first German immigrants to Lancaster County settled Conestoga (1709), the fourth such settlement in Pennsylvania. They brought with them hope for religious tolerance, a yearning for a better life ...Read More

The Engineering of a Birthday Bash

Imagine for a moment that you’re a mathematically savvy, wildly creative artist. Your imagination-ruled right brain and your analytical-driven left brain chug along in balanced harmony. And to top it ...Read More

Pumpkins and Squash Galore

Twenty-two years ago, Linda and Levi Stoltzfus realized their dream of owning a farm. Little did they know that their daughter’s little pumpkin patch would eventually yield big results. A year ago, photographer ...Read More

A Pink Halloween Party

Peggy Walls’ annual Halloween party took on a special significance last year. In December 2014, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which prompted Peggy to accent the party’s standard black and orange color ...Read More

The Red Carpet … Lancaster Style 

The VMAs may have Beyoncé, and the Oscars may have George and Amal. But in Lancaster, we have biblical characters and animals walking the red carpet! the occasion was opening night of ...Read More

13 Must-Dos for October 2023

In the opinion of many, October is the unofficial start of the holiday season, as it entails decorating, social gatherings,

Erin Gerlach: Fearless DIYer

Erin Gerlach discovered a “passion for construction” when she and her husband, Justin, purchased their first home and found themselves

Kitchen Design: A Classic But Modern Choice

It was inevitable. Our love affair with all-white kitchens seems to be waning. Peruse home-focused magazines, blogs and internet sites

Celebrating Our Agricultural Roots

Beginning in late August in Elizabethtown and continuing through early October in Manheim, fair season remains a time-honored tradition in

Spice It Up With Saffron

No doubt, you’ve seen the small packets of saffron at the checkouts of local supermarkets and specialty stores. I would

Isaac’s: Cheers to 40 Years

The year was 1983. Sally Ride became the first American woman to go to space. We were listening to Michael

Fall is For Planting

Gardening season is not quite over. Fall is the perfect time to divide perennials and plant new trees and shrubs.

Before or After I Do: Viva Las Vegas! 

Vegas and weddings. Synonymous, right? But, what about bachelor/bachelorette getaways and honeymoons?  My trip to Vegas last year was a blur. As